Getting Personal with Sponsorship 1st August, 2017

Securing sponsorship personally can be a headache. You’ve got a great idea or enormous appeal, yet as do others. Being original isn’t enough. You need to create a platform for brands to bounce off, whilst building a reputable image for the future. Conjointly you need to shelter your platform from being saturated with content by sponsors, otherwise you will lose your authenticity and your audience will turn off.

Best practice is to press for sponsors who value your platform amongst your audience as well. Here are the top 5 ways to attract platform partners and create value:

The Demographic Shield

Your aspired audience is your most valuable asset you can offer a sponsor. They want to know exactly what market they are investing in by pairing with your platform. This is where you need to be persistent and shape digital and offline content at your market. If you are a social fitness influencer, you would throw yourself in the direction of the market eye. In the UK, around Spring, this would be FitCon, the biggest fitness event in the country. Sponsors that offer an authentic partnership will want to see you reaching out to your audience frequently. This will freeze out brands who essentially want to saturate your platform with their content, which would hurt your image.

Form Unique Content

Social media is an effective way to build your digital platform and highlight unique content. Yet, the quality of the content should be regarded just as high as the quantity of substance your platform offers. Unique content Isn’t spontaneous as social sites may lead you to believe. It takes an abundance of research and investigating into the market climate and being visionary in how you present it. It is crucial to protect the content from becoming subdued and commercialized. A partnership that seamlessly integrates each other’s content will be more relateable to the target audience.

Create a Credible Platform

Just as a sponsor would pass by a corporate brand with little mojo, the same can be said with an individual’s level of distinction and trademark personality. Exploiting the distinct dynamics and style of your personality would encourage sponsors to take a risk on you. Likewise, being consistent with your identity, will allow your brand to grow naturally, thus giving you a higher level of credibility. Additionally, it is in your interest to keep the sponsors image separate from your own, preventing your audience from losing sight of what your image stands for.

Build and Share your Network

Giving sponsors additional reasons to invest in you, such as networking opportunities, will further cement your chance of creating a partnership with them. Having an interesting network group that a sponsor can benefit from, by being in contact with, is likely to lure them in your direction. Competition is immense amongst many consumer markets; therefore, the benefit of new client contacts is essential for sponsors to gain ground on their competitors. However, their acquisition of your clients must benefit you. For example, sometimes it can be as simple as trading clients to further your account. This will allow you to build your network and reach out to new investors.

Make yourself Cause-related

Niche ideas can likewise go further than you think. Being different in the 21st century is hard, yet making your platform cause related could break this trend. Moving further forward, one could create their own life changing project or become a charity ambassador, which would give sponsors the chance to invest in CRM. Projects like this will better your image and the sponsors image which will in time put real value into your sponsorship platform.

If you desire a powerful sponsorship partnership, building an extensive platform is the way forward. Sponsors crave ambition and energy in a platform. Likewise, it is vital that there is engagement between you and your audience as sponsors will disregard a static audience.