Two things you must do to Master the Art of Sponsorship Sales 29th May, 2018

You may or may not realise this, but you’ve worked in sales all your life – in fact, every single one of us have.

It may be selling an idea (why your parents ought to have helped pay for your first car), a story (a white lie about why you were late for work when the trains were actually running on time) or even yourself, when it comes to that big job interview.

The real difference comes down to when sales is done in a professional working environment with real benefits to be had – financial or otherwise. Indeed, it’s important to note first and foremost that sales itself isn’t actually an art, despite this being the common understanding. Rather, it’s a skill that anyone can learn, improve upon and ultimately master, should they follow the right steps.

Mastering the art of complete awareness to the world around you is the recipe to a successful life in sales. With this in mind, these are Slingshot Sponsorship’s top two steps to becoming a highly effective sponsorship salesperson.

1) Dedicate yourself to details, details and more details

Paying attention to every detail, shift and trend in the marketplace you’re dedicated to is vital to understanding exactly what you’re selling and how best to achieve it. It’s what businesses strive for in order to remain one step ahead of both the game and their competitors, so having this at the forefront of your methods is crucial.

Why this is important: In order to take full advantage of the market you’re operating in, you must have a thorough understanding of how to appropriately assess and predict its dynamic change and flow.

2) Immerse yourself in your market’s world

We live in an ever-evolving world – barely a minute goes by without something happening of note, whether it’s something in the news that affects your work, or in your industry or in your specific marketplace. This means that in order to be a successful sponsorship salesperson, you simply have to immerse yourself into that industry and allow it to become your world, however daunting that may initially seem.

A good start to achieving this would be by taking action on these three easy tasks:

  • Follow every social media account relevant to the industry you’re focusing on or working within, and make it a habit to check in on the latest posts
  • Enable Google Alerts, which will notify you of any updates related to the topics you’ve assigned it to
  • Subscribe to every newsletter and magazine that is relevant to the industry, as these may help inform you on the latest wider, upcoming trends

Why this is important: It’s easy to see why dedicating yourself to your market is wholly important, but these steps will ensure you’re channelling your efforts effectively and being as efficient as possible with your time.

Why is this important in sponsorship sales?

As a sponsorship agency, it is paramount for Slingshot Sponsorship to stay on top of the latest news regarding market analysis, value of assets and current sponsorship deals. We do this by sourcing every bit of material related to our clients’ accounts and industries through every accessible and, crucially, credible source.

This provides us with enough material so that we never find ourselves on the back foot in a pitch. Rather than fluffing lines, we’ll know exactly what brands need and how to achieve their goals, in addition to it helping us sustain long-term relationships even when our clients’ events come to an annual end.

Simply put, if you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. As the old saying goes, never bring a knife to a gunfight: knowledge acts as the bread and butter to a salesperson’s arsenal, so do your research and have constant awareness of the industry you’re selling into.

Ultimately, this is what distinguishes sales people that can close, from those who cannot.

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