The Hunter Becoming The Hunted. 26th January, 2017

Rights holders have always been perceived as the hunter; approaching brands for sponsorship in order to boost their commercial revenue streams. However, as a rights holder continues to develop and provide brands with clear ROI’s and opportunities to achieve their corporate objectives, perhaps the hunter may well become the hunted.

Sponsorship, when executed correctly, is fast becoming the most effective form of marketing, allowing brands to engage and truly connect with their desired audience – resulting in a host of positive outcomes for the short and long term for the brand.

Generally, the most crucial consideration for a brand when deciding whether or not to sponsor a platform is ROI, therefore a rights holders needs to prove that they can generate ROI for that brand or they have next to no chance of doing the deal.

In order to be successful in securing brand partners, rights holders have to understand that one size can’t fit all. Rights holders need to align their assets appropriately in light of what brands are trying to achieve and what their ambitions are. For example, a brand with the objective to increase positive brand association across a mass audience will require many different assets to that of a brand wanting to create specific B2B opportunities.  To create customer relations; rights holders need to offer assets that enable brands to engage with their audience, allowing them to create sustainable relationships and opportunities to positively re-brand their image utilising your properties social media channels and key influencers.

Sponsorship is valuable because it provides brands with the potential to benefit all departments of their business. Opportunities include on-site marketing activations to generate sales, community engagement, engaging employees and much more. This puts rights holders in a prime position, possessing unrivalled opportunities for brands are looking to get their hands on as a cost effective alternative to standard forms of marketing.

We are progressing to a stage where brands are beginning to realise the true value of sponsorship when executed effectively and as rights holders begin the master their propositions we may soon see a time where brands start pitching to rights holders. However, for this pendulum to swing, rights holders must continue to invest in developing their propositions in the ever evolving world we live in.