Sponsorship training is difficult to make relevant due to the diverse nature of each sponsorship platform.  In order to fill this gap, Slingshot Sponsorship’s training events have evolved through the practical and successful execution of working with over 400 diverse rights holders globally – ensuring each session is tailored and guaranteed to provide you with a significant ROI.

Slingshot Sponsorship currently offer two sponsorship training courses:

  1. SLINGSHOT SPONSORSHIP BOOTCAMP: a highly tailored full day consultancy for one organisation held anywhere in the world.  Agenda found here.
  2. SLINGSHOT SPONSORSHIP MONTHLY SESSIONS: our monthly event series for rights holders held at our Head Office in London.  Agenda found here.

In the event you have any questions about which training you should undertake, please contact Andrew Selby: +44 (0)207 226 5052.