The Art of Sales 6th March, 2017

Mastering the art of complete awareness to the world around you is the recipe to a successful life in sales. Paying attention to every detail, shift and trend in the marketplace is what businesses strive off in order to remain one step ahead of the game and their competitors. In order to take full advantage of the market is through understanding how to appropriately assess and predict its dynamic change and flow.


We live in an ever-evolving world – this means that in order to be a successful salesperson, you have to immerse yourself into that industry and allow it to become your world. A good start would be following every social media account relevant to the industry you’re focusing on, installing google alerts to notify you with any updates related to the topics you’ve assigned as well as subscribing to every newsletter and magazine that might suggest the latest trends. This is so that you’re always channelling your efforts effectively and remaining most efficient with your time.


As a sponsorship agency, it is paramount for us to stay on top of the latest news regarding market analysis, value of assets and current sponsorship deals. We do this by sourcing every bit of material related to our clients’ accounts and industries through every accessible but credible source. This provides us with enough material so that we never find ourselves on the back foot in a pitch – we know exactly what brands need and how to achieve it, in addition to sustaining long-term relationships even when our clients’ events come to annual finish.


Simply put, if you fail to prepare – prepare to fail. Knowledge acts as the bread and butter to a salesperson’s arsenal. Never bring a knife to a gunfight, do your research and have constant awareness of the industry you’re selling into, this is what distinguishes salespeople that can close, from those who cannot.