EDF Energy Signs as Headline Sponsor of the What Car? Green Awards 2012 29th August, 2012

The What Car? Green Awards 2012 will take place on September 19 at the Imagination Gallery, London, and will be sponsored by EDF Energy.

The What Car? Green Awards include the best green cars in each category, as well as an overall winner. The What Car? judging team evaluate more than just CO2, because cars emit a whole concoction of polluting gases, including nitrous oxides and particulates. The judges will also evaluate whole-life costs, driveability and reliability.

Awards will be given for the best supermini, small family car, family car, executive car, MPV, alternative-fuel car, SUV, fun car and an overall winner.

“Electric vehicles demonstrate important developments that have been made in low-carbon motoring,” said Angus Wilby, Head of Energy Services at EDF Energy. “As the largest producer of low-carbon electricity in Britain and provider of electric vehicle recharging solutions for homes and businesses, EDF Energy’s sponsorship of the What Car? Green Awards is the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment.”

As Britain’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity and with considerable electrical and engineering experience within its workforce, EDF Energy is playing a leading role in facilitating the development of PIV recharging technology and infrastructure. This is being achieved by working and consulting widely with motor manufacturers, chargepoint manufacturers, and central and local government offices to help bring about effective recharging solutions.

What Car? publishing director Andrew Golby said: “The What Car? Green Awards advise an increasing number of motorists looking for greener motoring. The industry is delivering ever-greener and cleaner cars, and our awards will help narrow down the choice for consumers in what can be a complex arena.”

What Car? named the Vauxhall Ampera its overall winner in 2011, as well as the best alternative-fuel car.