How O2 Creates Priority Through Sponsorship 6th September, 2011

Telefonica Europe Plc also known as O2 is a European broadband and telecommunications company who maintain the customer messages of ‘priority’ and being ‘better connected’. In addition to the marketing campaigns run, these messages are further reinforced through their sponsorship activation.

As part of the naming rights sponsorship of The O2 Arena in London (formerly known Millennium Dome) since 2007, O2 customers are able to receive Priority Tickets for concerts and exhibitions up to 48 hours before they are released on general sale along with other better experience at the venue. Similar benefits are expected to be provided across the nation within their O2 Academy venues (O2 Sponsorship, 2011).

Another example of ‘priority’ can be demonstrated with Arsenal Football Club. As a sponsor since 2002, O2 offers free shirts, £40 vouchers and other benefits in exchange for signing with O2 home and mobile broadband. O2 also allow fans to meet and watch Arsenal away games at Emirates Stadium called Live Away Screening where O2 customers have priority seating, access to VIP rooms, and the opportunity to win competitions, meet the coaching staff, meet players or attend training.

As sponsors of The England Rugby Team since 1995, O2 customers also receive priority packages at Twickenham in the form of free pie, pint, program and chance to meet England players.  Further rugby sponsorship includes Scrum on the Beach for the younger demographic and engages the local community.


Shadi Halliwell, Head of UK Brand Communications at O2 said:

We are always looking at innovative ways in which we can engage customers with Priority Tickets and make sure they hear about pre-sales for their favorite events.

Priority is a strong message with O2 and they ensure it isn’t just whitewash.  Sponsoring the right properties enables them to expand their brand and engage their target audience creating a truly better connected network.