The Key Sponsorship Benefits for Brands 4th April, 2018

The Key Sponsorship Benefits for Brands

It won’t surprise you to hear that we believe there are some fantastic sponsorship benefits for brands. But what are they? Here are the some of the key benefits that will get you thinking about how sponsorship could really help your brand. If you’d like to have a chat about how you could be using sponsorship to give your brand a significant boost, drop us a line today.

Brand Awareness

One of the most obvious sponsorship benefits is brand awareness. Quite simply, the sponsorship gets your brand in front of people you want to see it. This can be on a large scale, like sponsoring a top tier football team with the huge TV coverage you’ll get as a result. Or it could be a more affordable, lower level sponsorship, like sponsoring a village fair or dog show. There are opportunities to suit your brand, no matter what budget you have and the audience you’re trying to reach.

Brand Alignment

Sponsorship isn’t just about pure reach and awareness. A key benefit is also how it can shape the way your brand is perceived. High-end brands like Hugo Boss are keen to sponsor teams and events in the worlds of sailing and Formula One because these sports are viewed as affluent and aspirational, which sits perfectly with the Boss brand values. Choosing the right sponsorship can completely transform the way people think about your brand.

PR and Content

In the Hugo Boss example, the brand are able to gain access to imagery to use in their own messaging and branding. A stunning shot of a yacht sailing to victory with the Hugo Boss logo on the sail, for instance, can be used in their marketing and PR, giving the sponsorship greater longevity and ROI.

Brand Ambassadors

Similarly, sponsoring athletes or teams, or musicians or bands, can align your brand with what those individuals stand for. This provides a face for your brand and increases awareness and credibility. Fans who love the individuals will have more positive feelings towards your brand simply by that association.

Client and Customer Engagement

Making clever use of your sponsorship can help with client engagement in terms of hospitality and VIP opportunities. Let’s say you have sponsored a football team, you could secure a corporate box for every home game, enabling you to entertain clients and potential clients. With GDPR and bribery laws stricter than ever, this is a great way to build relationships without worrying about regulatory interference. Other things like tickets to give out to customers, prize winners or employees are another great way to get more out of your sponsorship.

Product Integration

Depending on your brand, sponsorship can be a great way to get your product directly integrated with the team or entity you’re sponsoring. Audi’s long-term sponsorship of Barcelona ensures every player only drives one of their cars. Barcelona even upload a video when the players receive their new cars for the season. This level of integration is slightly unusual, but even providing official cars to transport players to training or matches further strengthens the association between brand and team.