The Art of Brand Activation in Sponsorship 4th July, 2017

Creative brand activation is crucial to captivate an audience, and create a memorable brand experience.

Sponsorship has rapidly moved away from being just about a logo, the future lies in the activation, and more specifically customer engagement through activation. Effective sponsorship activation creates a greater connection with the audience through an emotional connection. This notion of creating an emotional connection taps into the audience’s personal journey and becomes a memorable experience, creating a strong loyalty to the brand.

There is an art to cultivating creative ideas to execute an experience that is memorable at an event. Both the sponsors and the rights-holder benefit from fresh and creative ideas in activation. The rise in innovative ideas and creativity bring new levels for association with their passions such as music festivals and sport events. Capturing fans in a positive environment is a perfect opportunity for a sponsor to create a personal connection to a brand.

 Vitaminwater and WayHome Music and Art’s Festival

Vitaminwater’s Hydration Station at WayHome Festival is a fantastic example of how sponsorship activation is executed to great effect. This idea of creating a human car wash was a huge success with fans in the sweltering heat. Festival goers immersed themselves in the cool mist. Fans felt instantly refreshed and hydrated at the station, which links directly to the core values of Vitaminwater. Guests had the opportunity to have their photograph taken at the station with their festival wristband, this was uploaded straight to their email, guests can then upload their experience on to a social media platform, promoting the festival and the sponsors through native and shareable content.

This unique idea added a new enjoyable dimension to the festival. The Hydration Station was hugely popular at the event, it served a purpose, and was a playful fun idea to draw in guests, whilst engaging with the product at the event.

Creating ways in which the audience can get involved by experiencing a product can help create the strong emotional connection to the brand. Great brand activation makes the consumer interact and reinforces the brand in the minds of the consumer by actively engaging with the company.

Fresh innovative ideas drive the commercial world, the same goes for sponsorship activation. The use of creative activation entices consumers in, allowing a connection on a deeper and more personal level, by directly becoming part of their story leaves a lasting positive association with a brand.