Outlook Festival Knowledge Arena 12th November, 2015

Alongside Outlook Festival, Dimensions Festival and CDR Projects; Slingshot is continuing to push the boundaries of the traditional festival model.

Technological advancement in the music industry has meant that the process of music creation and performance has continued to blur. The Knowledge Arena was created to take a deeper look into these processes and to understand the factors that influence the work that is produced, performed and enjoyed at Outlook Festival and Dimensions Festival.

Working alongside sponsors Ableton, Akai and M-Audio – the Knowledge Arena created a fully immersive experience for Outlook Festival and Dimensions Festival ticketholders. A tailored programme was created in a dedicated area on the festival site – featuring a mix of music creation workshops; artist masterclasses and conversations; and ‘Open Play’ slots which allowed attendees to develop their own ideas.

In addition, a whole range of artists on each festival’s bill hosted talks and demonstrations. Artists such as Omar, Seven Davis Jr, Alexander Nut and Roman Flugel discussed their creative processes.

The Knowledge Arena is just one of many aspects of the festival experience that we are looking to develop alongside Outlook and Dimensions.


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