Building Brand Awareness Through Sponsorship: Equifax & DMA Case Study 16th May, 2011

We recently put together our case study page on our website, but while we are collating all of our case study material, we thought we share the Equifax one on our blog!

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Sponsorship Objective

Equifax wanted to target prime users and suppliers of data, where data was the most important factor in the success of the business. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) was approached as having a highly niche audience of senior marketing professionals.  Further research showed that 69% of DMA members quoted data as core to their business (see below).

Importance of data within DMA membership

0 = Not important 10= Data is the most important part of my business

Sponsorship Programmes Initiated

  • Data events/conferences
  • Youth marketing initiatives including Young Spark and Young Direct Marketing Awards
  • Online display throughout DMA website
  • Industry leading research
  • DMA Awards
  • BSi Standard DataSeal


  • Overall brand awareness amongst DMA members increased 29% in 2 years
  • 72% of DMA members are now aware of Equifax
  • DMA members who have never heard of Equifax decreased by 19% in 2 years

Our Overall DMA Sponsorship had impressive results. It was crucial that we saw a genuine return on our investment in this activity and a 29% increase in brand awareness certainly met that objective. By aligning ourselves with the DMA we also put Equifax in a credible ‘thought leadership’ position on the key issue of marketing data which, undoubtedly, will reap rewards for us going forward.

Chris Sherlock, Head of Equifax Marketing Service, Equifax

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