British Heart Foundation Appoints Slingshot Sponsorship For ‘Hands-only CPR’ Road-show 18th October, 2012

British Heart Foundation Appoints Slingshot Sponsorship For ‘Hands-only CPR’ Road-show

Following the first phase of their highly successful Hands-only CPR  campaign, the British Heart Foundation (the BHF) hasappointed Slingshot Sponsorship as their exclusive sponsorship agency.

The campaign, fronted by tough guy actor Vinnie Jones, was designed to raise awareness of the fact that anyone who doesn’thave CPR training should ignore the kiss of life in favour of ‘hard and fast’ compressions in the centre of the chest to help someone who has had a cardiac arrest. The expertly executed advert and training film created resonance through association – using the beat of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees to help people understand how quickly they should carry out chest compressions.

Aggarwal, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the BHF, said:

With the Vinnie Jones advert and training film receiving mass exposure throughout the UK and, in turn, saving dozens of lives, Slingshot Sponsorship has been recruited to build a commercial strategy around the campaign as well as acquire corporate partners to support it.”

The following phases of the charity’s Hands-only CPR initiative will feature a mass media campaign in November followed by an experiential tour bringing the concept to people nationwide and allowing the public to put their CPR knowledge into practice.

Jackie Fast, Managing Director of Slingshot Sponsorship, added:

We are thrilled to be working with the BHF.  It is extremely innovative in its approach and together we will be able to provide the tools to drive this campaign into the hearts of the nation.”