Scally Rally Adventure: looking back 3rd October, 2010

I recently took part in one of our client’s exciting marketing campaigns – the Scally Rally.  An adventure all in itself with teams participating in a four day race across Europe raising money for charity. Our team consisted of three cars with teammates from the Pure360 email marketing team in addition to their friends – the DMA, Content & Motion, and myself.  Throughout the Scally Rally, Pure360 was stopping along the way fighting spam and providing fantastic email tips, which you can check out on Pure360TV.

Starting Out

On September 23rd we set off in our car that, by Scally Rally rules, had to be purchased for under £100 – our first stop was Calais, France.  Needless to say, it was not surprising that our car broke down as we were getting on the ferry to Calais and we had to push it on.

Fortunately, our car named Bel, started miraculously and we were able to get to the starting point.

Our Journey

Our journey took us from Calais to Basel, Basel to Lake Como, Lake Como to Cortina, and finished in Rimini.  Along the way, we were able to take part in the Scally Rally challenge, although most of the time was spent trying to overcome our own ‘challenge’ of learning how to read a map and inputting foreign postcodes into the sat nav (which most other Scally Rally teams considered cheating, although they still always seemed to make it to the finish point of the day before we did).  Pure360 also managed to shoot a significant number of email tips, my favourite one can be found here.

We finally made it to the finish point after an exhausting and yet very exhilarating four days of driving.  I am exceptionally grateful I did not hit another car and also that I took part in an epic over 40s disco night.  We also saw some amazing sights.

Including the not so amazing sights of hairpin turns on the sat nav and flat tires, which conveniently turned out to be the same day our car Bel broke down.  And the day we got lost.  And the same day I was in a car for a total of 14 hours.  On the positive, we did have a Michael Jackson tribute sing along!Special thanks goes out to the entire Pure360 Scally Rally Team for inviting us along on this adventure as well as their fantastic company during the entire trip!

For more on our Scally Rally, be sure to check out the Pure360 Blog, Tristan Garrick’s blog posts on the DMA’s Email Marketing Blog, and the hilarious blog post by Content and Motion.

For all those that donated and supported Slingshot Sponsorship on this journey, thank you.  And for all those who have not yet donated, be sure to help support us by donating here.