Sponsorship DIY 16th December, 2016

‘You need money to make money’ is a common term people refer to when encountering financial obstacles and rights holders constantly face challenges when it comes to taking their projects to the next level.

Most entrepreneurial projects start off as a one-man band or in some cases they might have a small team in place, but nevertheless the amount of effort to get projects of any size off the ground is not for the faint hearted, requiring a substantial amount of time and expertise. Rights holders are now realising the importance of sponsorship not only from a financial standpoint but they are beginning to realise that brand integration can make significant improvements to their holistic business model – ultimately saving them time and money.

Yet, with sponsorship so important to rights holders – sponsorship professionals now understand their worth and as such, large fees are associated with such specialist agencies. Therefore, obtaining the money to hire their services can often be very hard to come by, making the journey from zero to hero a daunting prospect.

However, the solution is simple; identifying alternative services that allow you to function like a specialist agency might be the worthiest investment any entrepreneur can make. Enhancing your knowledge from a fundamental level in the field you operate can ultimately acts as the foundation to your success.

At Slingshot, we don’t just work with global properties but all businesses with the ambition of propelling every client we work with to the next level. For those unable to justify larger investments into agency support, we conduct commercial training sessions that have been designed to give people an insight into the step-by-step process we go through with our global clients, providing you with all the knowledge and skills to go out and secure long-term sponsorship for your own organisation.

Performing like a trained sponsorship expert will result in you developing the right propositions, having the right conversations with the right brands resulting in you building long-lasting relationships with sponsors whilst driving year on year revenue. Don’t just hire specialists, become one.

If you’d like to hear more about the commercial training sessions we run at our headquarters in London, please contact Liam Ward at [email protected]

To book onto the course, simply follow the link provided.

Slingshot Sponsorship launch 2016 Workshop Series at world-renowned Shoreditch House 18th January, 2016

Following on from her successful workshops at Shoreditch House last year, Jackie Fast, Founder and MD of Slingshot Sponsorship today announces a series of six more workshops to take place at the illustrious member’s club for 2016.

“We had a great response to our sponsorship series last year at Shoreditch House and I’m very pleased to be able to offer more seminars in these delightful surroundings,” says Jackie.

“Our seminars are open to any rights holders who want to gain the knowledge to secure sponsors, identify their best assets to build into a sponsorship proposal and ensure their proposal is valued at the right level. We work with many companies now who didn’t initially think of themselves as a rights holder! Now they’ve realised they can open up this new revenue stream and bring in partners with expertise they didn’t previously possess, hugely benefiting their bottom line.”

Seminars which are offered to club members begin in February and run until June, the dates and titles of each seminar are below.
The final seminar gives you the opportunity to pitch your sponsorship opportunity to a panel of experts who will offer advice and feedback. The best pitch of the session will win a full day’s consultancy with Slingshot Sponsorship, worth £5k, so sign up today!

For more detail on each of the seminars offered and to register please visit:

February 16th – The future of sponsorship
March 7th – Sponsorship assets
April 5th – Sponsorship valuation
May 3rd – Perfecting your sponsorship proposal
June 7th – Negotiating your sponsorship
June 14th – Open pitch session: Pitch to win

Slingshot Sponsorship’s MD Jackie Fast Expands Training Sessions to Singapore 22nd September, 2015

Slingshot Sponsorship’s MD Jackie Fast will be presenting a two day training course in Singapore on November 30th and December 1st with Marcus Evans. This is a unique chance to hear from one of the industry’s leading experts on how to successfully secure sponsorship in today’s landscape. Slingshot Sponsorship’s aim is to help you grow your company through sponsorship programs that create priceless opportunities to consumers and incorporate motivating factors to drive brands investing in sponsorship.

With the increase of digital and technology, a seismic shift has been created in the way consumers engage in the world around them – and this has a significant impact on brands and how brands utilise sponsorship to engage with their target audiences. Industry challenges can be addressed and deals done with a better understanding of sponsorship effectiveness than ever before.

Slingshot Sponsorship has successfully been a driving force within this new framework of sponsorship and this two day course will outline why traditional sponsorship practices no longer work in today’s industry. Slingshot will help you discover ground-breaking partnerships big or small, noble or novel, which are punching above their weight and measurably building businesses, brands and communities.

Key takeaways from the event will include:

  1. The New Benchmark: Why Are You Playing By Old Rules?
  2. Meaningful Marketing Mix: The New Heart of Corporation or Non-Profit Partnership
  3. Finding the Right Fit for Sponsorship: The Right Property to Maximise your Sponsorship Investment
  4. Captivating Ways to Create Values in Sponsorship
  5. Sponsorship Sales Contribution: Dynamically Embrace Reliable Results

Jackie Fast commented, “I am extremely thrilled to be coming to Singapore to present our agency’s framework for sustainable sponsorship for both rights holders and brands.  With an office in Singapore, we can help provide further support for our delegates in the long term so I am delighted to be able engage with the Singapore sponsorship industry.”

Be a part with other forward-thinking leaders to find new and emerging practices, insights and anecdotal sharing for succeeding in an industry where the only certainty is change.

To book your place please click here.