Corporate Events – 5 Tips to Driving a New Experience 19th June, 2012

Whether for team building or client hospitality, corporate events can be a great day out or a truly horrible one – think back to the recent Vodafone anti-team building campaign.

Having organised corporate events for both clients as well as staff teams, here are my top 5 tips to ensure your next corporate event is remembered:

  1. Competition – competition can be a great way to really engage people in the activity chosen.  Furthermore, it provides the Finance Director the chance to shine by beating the Sales Manager in an environment that everyone is equal on (Just don’t kill each other!)
  2. Make sure it’s an even playing field – as above, choosing an activity that everyone can take part in is essential.  There’s no point in taking a large office team on a round of golf, as the range of abilities will inevitably be so varied.
  3. Interaction – time to speak to other people.  If you are constantly ‘doing’ then it can take away from what the day is supposed to achieve.
  4. Something different – far too often corporate events tend to take the shape of drinks.  Whilst this is always a great thing, sometimes it can be monotonous – especially if you are organising client hospitality.  In order to truly achieve ROI in putting on a corporate event, you need to be memorable.
  5. Convenience – location is always important to consider as you want to ensure that everyone can make it to the event without jeopardising their personal time.

One of our most recent clients Caterham Cars has put together a corporate event programme that ticks all the boxes above.  I recently took on the challenge and attended one of their public days – watch Slingshot Sponsorship’s YouTube Channel here to see my race against the clock.

If you are interested in discussing Caterham for your corporate event, please get in touch with us: 0207 226 5052.

Caterham Cars appoints Slingshot as Sponsorship Agency 30th April, 2012

Caterham Cars has appointed Slingshot Sponsorship to activate all commercial opportunities outside the Caterham F1 Team activity.

Slingshot will implement an extensive sponsorship strategy, including brand marketing partnerships, endorsement deals, licensing, corporate experience days, and much more.

The aim of the partnership is to create unique properties that can leverage the Company’s profile, and enhance the brand’s global appeal, capitalising on the brand’s entry into Formula One earlier this year.

Ansar Ali, Chief Executive of Caterham Cars, said:

We are thrilled to be working with Slingshot Sponsorship as their unique services complement the ambitious objectives of our brand, particularly now we are part of the Caterham Group.

As a British sportscar brand with the iconic Seven at the heart of our business, I have always felt we have much to offer brand partners, particularly through our motorsport and drive experience operations.  Now, as part of the Caterham Group, we have so much more to offer in terms of value and brand awareness, and Slingshot Sponsorship is the right partner to deliver and leverage the commercial partnerships.

Motorsport is at the heart of Caterham Cars, with the Seven the original ‘race car for the road’; over 700 competitors racing the iconic model today in 11 countries around the world is testimony to this.

The acquisition of Caterham Cars by Tony Fernandes in 2011 and the Caterham F1 Team’s presence in Formula One has propelled the British brand to the forefront of a global audience.

With increased public and media attention from the Caterham brand’s first season in F1 and a recent track record of robust financial results, the company is now looking to further leverage its commercial activities.  Caterham plans to facilitate this through Slingshot Sponsorship’s expertise in building existing assets into commercially-sustainable sponsorship platforms.

Furthermore, Caterham Cars also continues to reinvent motorsport following the recent announcement of a Caterham Motorsport-run karting championship in 2013.

Caterham will design and develop its own F1-inspired kart and thus provide young drivers with the opportunity to take their first steps in a career, in which it will be possible to progress from grassroots racing to the pinnacle of global motorsport. In addition, the organisation of Caterham karting will benefit from the firm’s 26 years of experience in running low-cost, high-value one-make race championships.

Jackie Fast, Managing Director of Slingshot Sponsorship commented,

“Being able to work with a brand that is on the brink of such change and innovation is what we live for at Slingshot Sponsorship.  We cannot wait to begin delivering the creative concepts and brand partnerships that will help project Caterham Cars to a wider audience of new enthusiasts.  The Caterham brand creates exceptionally strong advocates, both in Britain and internationally and we hope to turn this passion for the brand into a more holistic and accessible commercial property that can deliver real value for brand partnerships.”