D&AD Awards 18th November, 2013

As the world’s leading authority for creative excellence, D&AD hired Slingshot Sponsorship to develop a commercial offering for it’s annual global awards.

For 50 years, D&AD had never actively sought sponsorship for their annual awards ceremony; Slingshot Sponsorship was introduced to create a commercial strategy for the event.

D&AD not only seeks to champion creativity through its awards ceremony but also through educating and inspiring individuals across the globe.  As such, Slingshot Sponsorship developed a strategy that recognised D&AD’s influence amongst emerging young talent and utilised D&AD’s online presence, creating a narrative across each of their platforms.

Within just three months, Slingshot Sponsorship sought Deloitte Digital to sponsor one of the key categories at the annual awards as well as D&AD’s cherished ‘New Blood’ programme, hosting various workshops and engaging with emerging talent.  Hewlett-Packard  also came on board as a key sponsor, using D&AD as a showcase for their newest technologies.

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