Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 18th November, 2013

Slingshot Sponsorship developed an innovative marketing campaign for a Norwegian-based female sports brand around the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012.

With millions of viewers worldwide, Slingshot Sponsorship saw a great opportunity that was being missed around the introduction of women to the event the following year.

Having formed a partnership between  the female sportswear brand, Kari Traa, and cliff-diving sensation, Ana Bader, Slingshot Sponsorship created a PR campaign around a series of ‘teaser-dives’ from iconic locations around Norway in the build-up to the cliff-diving series.

The Kari Traa/Ana Bader teaser dives received brand-specific coverage across Scandinavian and German broadcasters, combined with global exposure from activation at the Red Bull Cliff Diving leg itself.

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