When Bigger Isn’t Better – Challenger Properties Offering Sponsors Value for Money 13th July, 2015

Amongst the fall-out from the recent FIFA investigations, a number of brands expressed concern at being involved with the prestigious global property. Should those brands re-evaluate their sponsorship, they may well be inclined to look at a lower profile alternative – a challenger property with a solid foundation, set to ascend further into the public eye.

Lower profile properties allow sponsors to have greater access, less risk and a greater opportunity to tailor their involvement helping to facilitate a more integrated partnership with the rights-holder.

An example of this is one of Slingshot’s client’s GB Taekwondo, one of the shining lights of Team GB and golden hopes of Rio 2016. Established in 2002, the team has grown substantially in recent years developing into a team of 27 full time athletes including a school outreach programme, UK hosted international and domestic championships and a clear pathway to Olympic success.

The team has captured medals at the Olympics, World Grand Prix and most recently conquered at the World Championships where Bianca Walkden and Damon Sansum claimed Gold & Silver medals  respectively resulting in national media coverage across the BBC and ITV. Jade Jones also clinched Gold at the inaugural European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Tasting Success

With a challenger rights-holder such as GB Taekwondo the team offers sponsors an extremely flexible and personal platform to associate the brand – reaching multiple objectives in the business.

Hill Dickinson the law firm (a partner of the team since 2014) is a prime example of a company who has leveraged their partnership to great effect, creating tangible new business opportunities, cross company staff engagement and accomplishing multiple CSR objectives within the firm.

The firm was provided such flexibility due to the aligned core objectives of both parties. The team and athletes understood Hill Dickinson’s key objectives and helped facilitate this through their own understanding of their assets – a proactive approach not often taken with some of the more established rights holders. Through this sponsorship, staff have created lasting relationships with Olympic athletes which have grown and developed on the Road to Rio 2016 creating a more holistic partnership than mere branding or hospitality.

Future Opportunities

With challenger properties, brands have the opportunity to truly partner with the right-holders. Enabling the opportunity to reach success across company objectives with smaller companies who may believe sponsorship is out of their budget.

As the property evolves as will the partnership and fees associated. The brand’s objectives and focus will adapt, changing in tune to the success – reaping the rewards on their modest outlay with increased PR, awareness and opportunities. When working in this manner, sponsors find the ROI clear to see with such a cross section of involvement at all levels.

Act now!

In the Road to the Rio Olympics, now is the time to consider how lower profile sporting properties could significantly benefit brands – without the price tag of sponsoring the Olympics.

The GB Taekwondo team has a calendar for 2015/2016 including the World Championships, Baku 2015 European Games, World Grand Prix, the Road to Rio and the crowning glory of the Olympics. Now is the perfect time to engage to access Olympic benefits leading in to Rio 2016, supporting your business objectives over the long term.

*Partnership opportunities are available with both team level with GB Taekwondo, and at the World Grand Prix held on the 16th -18th October 2015 at Sportscity Manchester.

How the Czech House Got It Right – Olympic Hospitality Houses 27th July, 2012

We are incredibly fortunate to have an office located in the Business Design Centre in London – and as of noon today, to be a part of the Czech Olympic Hospitality House.

Featuring the athletes, projections, DJs, and an artist installation along upper street featuring a full size London bus performing push ups – the Czech House is already making waves amongst Olympic goers and Islington dwellers.

The Czech Republic is one of a number of countries who have opened their doors to the British public allowing free entry into their activities during the Olympics.  Other countries who are also hosting free hospitality houses include Germany, Jamaica, Switzerland, Brazil, France, and Africa.  And although some of the other countries are featuring full scale restaurants, the Czech Republic have truly taken into consideration their location, audience, and strengths both as a country as well as a sports competitor.

Location & Audience

The Business Design Centre is a truly unique building and home to over hundreds of offices that span all industries.  As one such office calling the BDC home, I know the entire Slingshot Team cannot wait to get involved.  The hospitality house provides thousands of employees working in and around the BDC the opportunity to discover the Czech culture over a period of weeks whilst supporting their favourite sporting competitions – rather than the one stop evening that many of the other houses with featured restaurants/nightclubs are providing.

As an alternative, the Czech House is accessible to everyone at any time.  Not only is it free for anyone to enter, the activities throughout the day and evening are so varied there is an interest for everyone.  Whether that includes watching sport on the big screen, indie bands in the evening – or if you are like our colleague Emma, you could even participate in the 3 on 3 basketball competition during the day.

The Strength of the 3 on 3

The Czech Republic are very strong in basketball and this is reflected as soon as you walk into the Czech House with a full size 3 on 3 basketball court to play on.  This of course is a great element of interaction for people visiting the house, but also supports their own activities and hopefully will get more people cheering and watching when they hopefully play the finals.

The Czech House official opens today at noon – make sure to follow me on Twitter @JackieFast as I’ll be tweeting and sending over pictures!