Social Media and Sponsorship: Can Facebook & YouTube Ever Become Co-brandable Assets for Brands? 19th May, 2011

I recently was asked to write a guest blog for Content & Motion – a fantastic social PR agency with some great clients.  They wanted some insight into whether or not their area of expertise could be used to create sponsorship opportunities for brands.  It is a question I get posed often and it was a great opportunity to put some thoughts together.  The blog looks at developing online audiences and how access to these audience could be turned into sponsorship rights.  It also looks into specific opportunities that could be built within Facebook and You Tube.

And in the nature of social media – we’ve just launched our Facebook page where you can get a backstage pass (photos, quotes, vox pops, and competitions) for all of the events we are involved with!

Excerpt from the Content & Motion blog:

With brands utilising and recognising the power of Social Media to drive revenue, such as @DellOutlet attributing $3million in sales to its Twitter account, it’s no surprise to learn that brands are trying to monetise the audiences they have built.Although the majority of social platforms already have built in advertising functionality (i.e. the Video Targeting Tool powered by Google Ads on YouTube), there are additional opportunities to create new media assets within your content as long as it is not intrusive to the audience experience…

Check out the full sponsorship & social media blog post here.

Do you want Slingshot Sponsorship to Recommend You? 20th December, 2010

We’ve noticed a significant increase in sponsorship opportunities recently, which follows our belief that sponsorship is going to be the way forward for marketing.  We have noticed it becoming more integrated within the marketing mix at a request from clients as well as an increase in importance for organisations due to a combination of public funding cuts, the current economic climate, and the need for a proven return on investment.

With such an increase, we have been approached by so many sponsorship rights owners that we can’t keep up.  Slingshot Sponsorship likes to help people, so rather than having to turn down these opportunities and leave them without options, we’d like to create a sponsorship roster so that if we can’t help them, we can find the right person or team who can!

Our comprehensive sponsorship referral roster will include both sponsorship agencies and consultants.  We are approached by many different rights holders in every sector, so whether you specialise in sport sponsorship, health, art, music, or fashion please get in touch and let us know what you do best to see if you qualify.

Information requested:

For all interested sponsorship consultants and sponsorship agencies who are able to take on rights owners please send all the information requested below to [email protected] with the subject:

  • CV and history of sponsorship experience
  • Current/previous list of clients
  • Recommendations
  • Specialty
  • Region you work in
  • Contact information
  • Range of fees
  • Credential deck
  • Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at: [email protected]