Sponsorship Sales: Make a Lasting Impression 8th March, 2012

So, your consumers and audience have been audited, your assets valuated and your sales materials designed. Now the time comes to really nail down specific brands that you will be approaching with your proposal. This is often not thought through.  Far too often, rights holders are not taking into consideration the actual likelihood of the brand wanting to partner with the property or the brand’s objectives, this leading to a significant amount of time being wasted in getting knocked back by brands with little interest in discussing the opportunity.

This blog provides a brief insight into how to adopt an improved, more streamlined and strategic sales approach allowing you to encourage qualitative conversations, save time in approaching irrelevant prospects, close deals faster, improve sales staff morale and generally increase sponsorship revenue on the whole.

Sales Preparation

Prospect lists: It is easy to rush this process and simply name all brands within sponsorship categories that may be of relevance to your property. For example, motorsport lends itself to brands looking to promote the idea of luxury and wealth and/or simply raise awareness on a mass scale as a result of the sport’s extensive global following. Sponsorship categories therefore tend to consist of such brand areas as alcohol, telecoms, financial institutions, insurance, watches and consumer electronics to name those most prominent within the sport today.

Simply listing all brands within each of these categories without really looking into whether they will actually consider the opportunity can be highly time-inefficient and will also hinder the sales approach as the knowledge of each brand will not be deep enough to hold a sales conversation regarding how this opportunity is going to help this brand in particular.


A tailored approach: Take the brand’s objectives into consideration – there is nothing more off-putting than a generic call which screams “you are the 100th prospect I have approached today.” Although initially being more time consuming, researching company and brand objectives will allow for a more engaging and qualitative conversation, giving your contact the incentive to find out more.

As a sales person, this is also much more satisfying than repeating the same old spiel to each prospect you speak to. Taking a thought-out approach will also prepare you to be more responsive when asked, “how exactly do you see us (the brand) getting involved?”

Little details: Research the prospect’s previous activity and make note of some specific points that relate to the platform you are offering. This will show that you have really considered the company and have a good knowledge of what direction they are looking to take the brand in.

Build a rapport: From first contact to signing on the dotted line, most deals will generally require a number of calls and meetings, so try to establish a rapport with your contacts from the get go. Be sure to make notes of any personal comments they have made, plans they have coming up, comments about their day, which football team they support – anything that can be brought forward to the next conversation will help emphasise the fact that you are being considerate of both them and their brand.

Also, keep it in mind that the opportunity you are presenting will be equally beneficial to both parties (the rights holders and the brand) and so a call should take the format of a conversation rather than a one-way sales pitch. By being personable, upbeat and positive, you will project the fact that you believe in your project as a sponsorship platform.

Relevant opportunities: Certain sponsorship opportunities will appeal more to different audiences.  For example, financial institutions that rely on consumer trust loyalty may be more interested in hospitality in order to build and deepen their customer relationship.  Alternatively, car manufacturers may be keen on utilising online and social media integration, exclusive content and promotions and competitions to build awareness of new product launches.

Feedback: Many disinterested brands will tend to simply state that the opportunity is not relevant to them, providing no further feedback. However, you should always try to ask for more detail on what their current objectives are, how they currently market themselves, and what sponsorships they may look to be involved with in the future. This will give you a better idea of how similar brands may react and how to deal with it as well as give you some key information about the company’s marketing activity. This may prove useful as it may be that they are more suited to one of your alternative platforms.

Sales are often looked at as the most difficult and daunting part of the sponsorship acquisition process; however when it comes to selling your proposal, it is important to remember that if you have a strong property with suitable lead time, are approaching the relevant brands and taking a strategic approach, securing sponsors should be a piece of cake. Just remember, Slingshot Sponsorship is here to help with the rest… and sales too!

Awards Programmes & Sponsorship: A Winning Combination 29th February, 2012

Awards programmes provide a unique opportunity to celebrate excellence across each and every area of a particular sector. Recognising those who are leading the way ensures the promotion of forward thinking, encouraging the overall progression of an industry.

In establishing a respected awards platform, an opportunity is naturally presented for organisations to sponsor the programme and be seen to support the leaders of their market place.

An association with those leading the way will always emphasise, and potentially enhance, an organisation’s reputation within their respective industry. Therefore awards platforms are often the first place to look when considering sponsorship opportunities, especially in the B2B arena.

Benefits of Awards Programme Sponsorship

  • Media institution association: Many major awards platforms are hosted by key publishers and media institutions within the industry e.g. Haymarket’s What Car? Car of the Year Awards, the most recognised awards programme within the UK automotive industry. Being recognised as the most respected publication for car reviews, the Car of the Year Awards was a natural progression in the acknowledgment of engineering innovation. Being the go-to brand for decision making on new car purchases, the awards not only provide the opportunity to partner with the automotive sector’s elite, but also allows for association with the authority on the industry.

  • Targeted sponsorship: Via category sponsorships, brands have the chance to associate with a specific area of the industry, whether it be a smaller brand aiming to gain brand awareness amongst the industry’s major players, or a larger organisation looking to highlight key performance areas. In doing so, brands also have the exclusive opportunity to network and establish a future relationship with both the winner and all shortlisted companies within their respective categories.

  • Networking: Award ceremonies provide the rare chance for all key brands within a particular market place to be in one place at the same time, therefore allowing for invaluable lobbying opportunities for all sponsors with the front runners of the industry.

Additional Revenue Streams

Although quite expensive to implement, awards platforms can prove to be a strong additional source of revenue when properly executed, offering an array of sponsorship assets and the opportunity for truly integrated partnerships. However, many organisers are yet to realise the full commercial potential of their awards programmes, simply sticking to the traditional revenue streams of ticket sales and basic sponsorship packages with partners only receiving the usual branding and standard PR presence around their involvement.

However, there are in fact a whole host of additional assets that can be added to the sponsorship offerings of an awards programme. The following are just a handful of ways in which value can be added:

  • Sponsored shortlist announcements: Being shortlisted for an award is still a major achievement and so the announcement is highly anticipated. This therefore presents an ideal opportunity for brands to get their name in the spotlight, as announcements are sure to be covered by all major industry media titles.

  • Ownership of on-site properties: In addition to headline and category sponsorships, there is the opportunity to break down the event by area e.g. VIP receptions and press lounges or even creating on-site brand experiences.

  • Luncheons: These events provide the opportunity to build hype leading up to the main event, whilst giving sponsors the chance to network with key awards stakeholders i.e. judges, comperes and major industry opinion formers.

  • Consumer promotions/competitions: Depending on the market place, sponsors can be given the opportunity to run sales promotions and competitions, presenting the opportunity for consumers to attend the awards and meet the stars of the industry.

  • Exclusive access: Awards shows are notoriously exclusive and sponsorship therefore provides the opportunity for brands to act as a gateway to exclusive content, including interviews, speeches, photos, performances and more.

With brands now adopting a much more integrated approach to sponsorship, it is crucial for rights holders to fully evaluate the assets offered to sponsors and allow brands to maximise their involvement with the platform as well as provide sufficient marketing channels for them to communicate their sponsorship activity.

By introducing new and innovative ways for brands to activate their association with an awards programme, the sponsorship can be developed from association with a single event to a year-round partnership, adding significant value at minimal expense either the rights holder or the brand.

Top 10 Sales Tips for Sponsorship Rights Holders 12th December, 2011

With an increasing number of platforms available for corporate partnership, the selection process for brands is becoming more complex, with a wide range of factors influencing the allocation of marketing budgets. Therefore when approaching potential partners, it is important for rights holders to ensure that each of the following factors is taken into account:

1.  Price

The fees asked by the rights holder play a key role in the decision-making process for a sponsor to come on board with a property. The price of association is often the first aspect of a proposal to be looked at and it is therefore imperative that rights owners understand how to value their sponsorship assets correctly.

2.  Timing

Depending on the company and industry, budgeting can take place at different times of the year. However, as a rights holder, the important thing is to understand the general time of year that marketing budgets will be allocated by your prospects in order not to miss the boat.

Depending on the size of the investment relative to the prospective sponsor, opportunities with lower fees may be handled on a tactical basis. However generally, companies will be much less open to new partnerships once budgets have been set and it is therefore crucial to get in there early.

Typically planning periods are September/October and March/April.

3.  Prospects

It is important that rights holders understand the key demographic of their property’s audience as misunderstanding this can lead to approaching an inappropriate market and wasting valuable time.

Once understanding the relevant brands to approach, the next step is to understand their behavioural tendencies in terms of their general sponsorship partnerships and activations and how they have utilised these relationships in the past. This will highlight which assets are relevant to each sponsorship category and in turn allow for a more tailored approach.

4.  Audience Resonance

Are the prospect’s consumers interested in the sponsorship? And furthermore, will the sponsorship audience be interested in the prospect’s products and services? A sponsor will always have their target audience in mind when activating a sponsorship and therefore you as a rights holder must also adopt the same thought process, ensuring that the needs and wants of your prospect’s consumer base align with the benefits of your property.

5.  Attendance

In the case of an event-based platform, the attendance is always of high priority to prospective sponsors. Whether the focus is on engaging with a specific audience or allowing for key networking opportunities, the attendance must present the prospect of new business opportunities.

A common error in the sales approach of a rights holder is approaching all companies within their property’s industry rather than taking the time to break down it down by relevance. By evaluating the industry and which areas will be most relevant, sales teams can prioritise their approach, generally receiving more positive feedback and in turn taking less time to close new partnerships.

6.  Reflection of Company Values

The more a company can see of itself in a property, the more willing they will be to forge a partnership as a key aspect of a sponsorship is to emphasise brand values. This again relates to audience resonance and the tailoring of a sales approach as different selling points will appeal to different brands depending on their relative markets.

7.  Comparison of New Business Figures with Previous Sponsorships

Producing financial, attendance, or media value figures are one of the most effective ways in which to sell a property as they are cold hard facts that cannot be easily manipulated. Tangible figures and facts provide a clear indication of such highly influencing factors as ROI, media coverage, attendance and give the prospect an immediate understanding of the tangible benefits they would receive from their investment.

8.  Prioritisation of Company Goals

Each sponsorship platform caters to different aims and objectives of sponsors, this being a huge factor in the prospect’s decision making process. What is the largest benefit of sponsoring your property? There may be more than one but at least one of them should align with the core objective of the brand.

9.  Cross Marketing Opportunities

Sponsorship platforms can attract brands from different industries with similar audiences.  These rare opportunities can create cross marketing benefits that add substantial value to a sponsorship. This tends to occur with Media Sponsor rights and we’d highly recommend considering bringing on board something like this to strengthen your event or program.

10.  Data Provision

Another advantage of sponsorship is the opportunity to carry out research amongst a captive sample of a brand’s target audience. If you are able to offer behavioural data to your sponsor helping them streamline their products and services, this brings a whole new level of value to the sponsorship – gaining important exposure whilst receiving precious qualitative feedback.

By putting in the time and research to evaluate each of the above factors before pitching to prospective sponsors, rights holders are able to carry out a truly time and cost effective sales approach. This will in turn allow for a more streamlined prospect list, resulting in fewer knock-backs and improved close-ratios.

Furthermore, adopting a more methodical approach will significantly increase sales staff motivation, driving the property forward in terms of investment and the opportunities for expansion that come with it.

What Car? Awards Become Carbon-Neutral with CNI 7th December, 2011

The What Car? Car of the Year Awards will become 100% carbon-neutral in January 2012.  Continuing its’ partnership with Carbon Neutral Investments (CNI), What Car? has committed to offset the entire carbon footprint of the ceremony.

The emissions reductions come from a CNI-supported hydro project in India, which will neutralise all carbon emissions from the event, all travel to the venue, as well as the setting up of the evening. What Car?’s support of the project will harness renewable energy usage in the country, support the creation of much-needed jobs in the region, and help the local community.

CNI co-chairman James Brown said: CNI co-chairman James Brown said

What Car? is renowned for defining industry benchmarks, and in making its awards 100% carbon neutral this year, continues to lead the way by focusing attention further on sustainability.  CNI is proud to again work alongside What Car?, to support the sector’s most prestigious awards and to help promote further environmental responsibility across the automotive industry.

CNI is a leading provider in the carbon-offset market, working alongside industry leaders to help them achieve carbon neutrality. As a sponsor of the What Car? Awards SUV category, CNI will offset the carbon emissions of not only the event itself, but also all journeys to and from the ceremony by guests and the set-up team.

What Car? publishing director Andrew Golby said: “We are delighted to be working with CNI in making the awards carbon-neutral. The project in India looks to benefit substantially from the arrangement and I am very much looking forward to learning how it will progress. As a business we take our environmentally responsibilities very seriously, and with CNI’s help all of our activities in 2012 will be carbon-offset.”

The What Car? Car of the Year Awards is the automotive industry’s best-known and most influential awards ceremony and success is coveted by car makers both in the UK and overseas.

The event is to be held at the Grosvenor House in London on January 11 with top-class entertainment yet to be announced. Previous headline acts have included Jo Brand, Jimmy Carr, Al Murray and Jonathan Ross.

This deal was brokered by Slingshot Sponsorship

Innovation in UK Sports Sponsorship 21st November, 2011

Each year, towards the climax of rugby union’s most demanding league, the Aviva Premiership, London Irish Rugby Club host their two biggest games of the season The St. Patrick’s and End of Season Parties.

Last year with the aid of Slingshot Sponsorship, London Irish implemented a unique strategy with these games applying a three dimensional model that generated new revenue, promoted fan loyalty and increased the reach and exposure of the club.

These events saw the introduction of live music, entertainment, competitions, food stalls, and brand experiences prior to kick off for the sold-out fans creating a festival experience.  This changed the single match day experience to an entire day out for families and supporters within the Madejski Stadium.

Further to creating a more encompassing day for fans, it has also proved to be an innovative way to allow international, national and local brands to get involved with one of the biggest team names in British sport at a fraction of the fees commonly associated with sports sponsorship.  In doing so, the club has been able to create additional value for fans through this new sponsorship revenue stream supporting activity on those specific game days.

Experiential Brand Activations

In 2011 both events integrated a number of brand partnerships for these two games.  From the EA Sports Hub providing visitors with the chance to experience the latest EA Sports video games in a pop-up gaming station, to McCain Foods’ inflatable Track and Field Road Show giving younger fans a chance to be mentored by professional athletes at a range of disciplines from running and jumping to strength and reaction testing.

Benefits for brands included:

  • Being able to physically connect with the London Irish audience of young families
  • Communicating the brand messaging through the integrated marketing campaigns including game programmes, print, online, and social media
  • A platform to promote positive messages of sport and health
  • Brand exposure for local businesses to reach the community through one of the biggest experiential marketing, advertising and hospitality platforms in the area

2012 and Beyond

By offering the opportunity for sports association at single games, the St. Patrick’s and End of Season parties are attracting growing numbers of partners each year and in turn presenting increased diversity in the event content offered. This is inevitably broadening the team’s fan base; providing a sustainable and growing sponsorship platform, whilst simultaneously building upon the traditions of heritage UK rugby club. With St. Patrick’s Day 2012 seeing Aviva Premiership winners Leicester Tigers come to the Madejski stadium, followed by Gloucester for the final game of the season, London Irish’s two key events of the year are set to be the biggest yet and will no doubt provide the parties to match.

Metro Gears Up to Support What Car? Awards 2012 16th November, 2011

What Car? is pleased to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Metro, the World’s largest free newspaper distributed countrywide.

Metro are to be Supermini Category Sponsor of the annual motoring Oscars – The What Car? Car of the Year Awards, to be held in London in January 2012.

Justin Lovric, Client Planning Manager and Director EcoVelocity, Metro commented:

Our sponsorship of the 2011 What Car? Awards provided Metro with a fantastic presence in front of the most important and influential figures in the automotive industry to successfully launch EcoVelocity this year.

We are delighted to be working with What Car? on the 2012 What Car? Car of The Year Awards as sponsor of the super-mini category.

The What Car? Car of the year awards are acknowledged by many as the UK Motoring Oscars and is the automotive industry’s best known and most influential awards ceremony. The awards themselves are much coveted by car makers both in the UK and overseas and is attended by more than 1200 leading industry figureheads alongside the most influential motoring correspondents from the wider media.

Andrew Golby What Car? Publishing Director commented:

Working with Metro provides us with additional channels to promote the What Car? Car of The Year Awards.  Metro research  tells us that their readers are very interested in cars and hopefully our awards copy will help them with their buying choices for 2012.

The benefits of the What Car? Awards sponsorship deal includes alignment with the most authoritative and trusted brand in motoring.  Brand positioning and awareness, extensive PR opportunities, networking and association to the awards via a multi-channel promotional campaign.

The event is to be held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on the 11th January with top class entertainment yet to be announced.  Previous headline acts have included Jonathan Ross, Jimmy Carr, Al Murray and Jo Brand.

This deal was brokered by Slingshot Sponsorship.

Coldplay's Chris Martin & Jonny Buckland Announced for Little Noise Sessions 2011 2nd November, 2011

Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions, curated by Jo Whiley are today proud to announce Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland will be headlining on Thursday 24 November, completing the line up for the series of atmospheric gigs. Joining the bill for what will be a night to remember are: Ben Howard, Emile Sande, Michael Kiwanuka and Bebe Black. Tickets go on general release from 7 November with an exclusive presale for subscribers from 4 November. Sure to sell out fast subscribe NOW at www.littlenoisesessions.org.uk

Due to unprecedented demand Mencap have also released additional tickets for the following SOLD OUT shows: Tuesday 22 November with Elbow, Maverick Sabre and Ren Harvieu. Friday 25 November with Goldfrapp and Alpines. Saturday 26 November with Example, Ed Sheeran, Birdy and Fenech Soler. Also performing at this year’s Little Noise Sessions areMarina & The Diamonds, Icona Pop, Spark on 23 November and Sinead O’Connor and King Creosote on 27 November.

This year Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions are heading to a new home St. John-at-Hackney to once again showcase a series of stunning stripped back performances from some of the hottest names in music. Our new iconic venue is set in the heart of Hackney, with over 700 years of history and now plays host to it’s FIRST EVER music festival.

Chris Martin said:

Jo does amazing work for Mencap, we are thrilled she asked us to play and are honoured to be part of this special night

Mencap ambassador Jo Whiley said:

We are delighted to welcome the return of Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland to headline an extra special night for Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions. With a week of unbelievable shows, this year is set to be one of the most exciting and inspiring we’ve had to date. I can’t wait!

Subscribers to the Little Noise Sessions website have exclusive access to a host of great content including; priority ticketing, backstage footage, audio, photos and all the latest news from the Little Noise backstage blog, for just £6 for six months. Your subscription fee will go directly to Mencap to raise vital funds to support people with a learning disability.  Visit www.littlenoisesessions.org.uk to subscribe now!

To keep up to date with all the latest information on Mencap’s Little Noise Sessions follow us on Twitter @Little_Noise and #LittleNoiseSessions or stop by and check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/littlenoisesessions

The Line-Up So Far:

  • OPENING NIGHT – Elbow, Maverick Sabre solo performance, Ren Harvieu
  • WEDNESDAY 23 NOVEMBER – Marina & The Diamonds, Icona Pop, Spark
  • THURSDAY 24 NOVEMBER – Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, Ben Howard Emile Sande, Michael Kiwanuka, Bebe Black
  • FRIDAY 25 NOVEMBER – Goldfrapp, Alpines
  • SATURDAY 26 NOVEMBER – Example, Ed Sheeran, Birdy, Fenech Soler
  • SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER – Sinead O’Connor, King Creosote

There are 1.5 million people with a learning disability in the UK. Mencap works to support people with a learning disability and their families and carers by fighting to change laws and improve services and access to education, employment and leisure facilities. Mencap supports thousands of people with a learning disability to live their lives the way they want.

Why Sponsorship Continues to Prevail 24th October, 2011

With sponsorship budgets continuing to increase year upon year, what advantages does this innovative marketing medium have over those more traditional elements of the advertising mix?

Engaging the Consumer

With marketing mediums such as advertising and sales promotions becoming ever more saturated, companies need to be extremely creative in their efforts to gain brand exposure – especially in terms of activations and partnerships.

Especially with today’s average consumer receiving more information on the products and services available to them at a much higher frequency than ever before, traditional marketing methods are becoming significantly less effective as the general public require something more innovative and engaging in order to provide a focal point within today’s plethora of commercial activity.


Sponsorship is invaluable within the marketing mix as it touches on all the consumer interaction with a property and brand. It can include and is typically a combination of brand advertising, sales promotions, email marketing, experiential, sampling, and social media. A truly engaging sponsorship campaign provides cut-through because it has built a relationship and a commitment to the audience. This relationship creates a primed and responsive avenue to deliver brand messaging, ensuring that the marketing does not fall on deaf ears.

Added Value

An additional reason behind the growing use of sponsorship is down to the value that a partner can bring to a property. Whereas simple branding and promotions result in only a financial benefit to the rights holder, sponsorship provides the opportunity for much more engagement with all parties involved. This can include enhancing the experience of the guest whilst giving the sponsor the opportunity to gain first-hand feedback on their products and services whilst achieving extensive exposure amongst their target audience.

As a result of the potential added value, rights holders are increasingly favouring corporate partnerships as an alternative to simple advertising, due to the added depth and quality delivered to the property whilst also increasing the number of channels for promotion.

The Figures

Emphasising the shift from conventional branding to today’s heavily integrated campaigns, sponsorship is continuing to increase its share of the marketing budget. Despite 2009 being the first time in history that corporate partnership spending in North America saw a decrease from the previous year, 2010 saw sponsorship sales back in full swing with expenditures growing by a healthy 3.9 per cent in 2010, with 2011 forecast to see an impressive growth of a further 5.9 per cent, seeing a total of $18.2 billion spent by the end of the year.

Global sponsorship spending, on the other hand, has well and truly weathered the economic storm, with 2011 set to witness similar growth as seen in 2010 of around 5.2 per cent, bringing worldwide spending to $48.7 billion as reported in IEG’s annual year-end review and forecast.

In comparison, advertising in 2010 is only forecast to increase by 3.9 per cent where as sales promotions have by far taken the biggest hit, forecast to show no signs of growth in 2011 and having shrunk by 3.3 per cent in 2010.

The Future of Sponsorship

Over time, sponsorship as a marketing medium has established itself as a key part of the modern advertising mix, providing opportunities for both brands and rights holders that traditional forms of advertising cannot.

With the recent social media boom also taking sponsorship opportunities to a whole new level, the medium is now more powerful than ever. Integrating social media platforms presents a further development of integration with a fraction of the cost you would have with print – creating truly cost-effective marketing campaigns.

With an increasing number of companies owing a boom in brand awareness to engaging corporate partnerships, the growth in sponsorship is showing no sign of slowing down reflecting the increasing demand for innovation in today’s marketing environment.

Slingshot Sponsorship Shortlisted for CIBAs 11th October, 2011

Slingshot Sponsorship has been shortlisted for three categories at the Camden & Islington Business Awards for their innovative approach regarding the Equifax and Direct Marketing Association UK sponsorship campaign, led by Slingshot’s Managing Director, Jackie Fast.  Categories shortlisted include Best Creative Business and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as the People’s Choice Award.

Slingshot Sponsorship delivers and develops long-term brand strategies that engage targeted audiences through sponsorshiprights. Integrated and tailored in each approach, Slingshot diversifies across a range of industries with clients based in publishing, sports, entertainment, media and charities.

Jackie Fast, Managing Director of Slingshot Sponsorship, is thrilled to be shortlisted:

It is such an achievement to be nominated for three categories alongside some very high profile campaigns.  Since launching the agency in 2010, nomination of our work is real recognition of the growing strength of our agency and underlines the measurable positive impact that our work and insight had on both the sponsor’s and the rights owner’s businesses.

The strict criteria set out for the Camden & Islington Business Awards indicated that only the strongest candidates within the area would be shortlisted for the award. Slingshot’s successful nominations illustrate its capabilities in creating successful partnerships that generate ROI through sponsorship.

The winners of the Camden & Islington Business Awards will be announced at the awards ceremony in London on Thursday, 27th October 2011.


The purpose of the CIBAs is to recognise and celebrate those business owners in Camden and Islington who have successfully grown and maintained their business positioning throughout 2010 and 2011.

Winning this award is a superb opportunity to raise a company’s business profile and increase PR exposure across London.  As the first of its kind in Camden and Islington, it is a great opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

CIBAs’ objectives:

  • To celebrate the work and efforts of businesses across Islington and Camden.
  • To encourage and champion enterprising behaviour across the 2 neighbouring boroughs
  • To boost the awareness of SME business success across London and the UK.
  • To increase the exposure of the local businesses within the Camden and Islington Area.

Click here to vote for Slingshot Sponsorship to win the People’s Choice Award!